Getting here:

I transferred in after three years at Michigan State University, pursuing mostly psychology but also a rotating array of second majors in pre-med, sociology, social work, and geography.


It’s never too late, right?


Having done 3 years at MSU prior to transferring to COA, I’ve taken a lot:

AP Credits:
Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Psychology

MSU / 1st Year:
General Chemistry + Lab, Cellular and Molecular Biology + Lab, General and Inorganic Chemistry + Lab, Substance Abuse, Introduction to Sociology, Survey of Calculus, Society and the Individual, Writing: Evolution of American Thought, People and the Environment, Health Psychology

MSU / 2nd Year: 
Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, Organismal and Population Biology + Lab, [Literature, Culture, & Identities], Cognitive Psychology, Introduction to American National Government, Data Analysis in Psychological Research

MSU / 3rd Year:
Introductory Physiology, Research Design and Measurement in Psychological Research, Introduction to Microeconomics, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Race & Ethnicity, Introduction to Social Work, Moral Issues Through Arts & Humanities

COA / 4th Year:
Geology of Mount Desert Island, Political Persuasion and Messaging Fundamentals, Philosophy of Nature, Politics of Israel, the Renaissance and the Reformation, GIS 1: Foundations and Applications, Contemporary Social Movement Strategies, Conspiracy Theory & Political Discourse, Microeconomics for Business & Policy

COA / 5th Year:
Capitalism: Economics and Institutions, Econometrics: Theory and Applications, Introduction to Guitar ..

Favorite class:

Politics of Israel? Capitalism?

Different things are good for different reasons — i try to stay away from ranking.


I worked for a state representative in Michigan for a summer. It was okay.

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

I participate in [Earth] and try to go to most concerts and films shown on or around campus. I cook all the time.

Adventures yet to come:

I want to travel a lot, be multi-lingual, understand music theory, learn how to code, become a bread-baking-champ, and travel some more.