Getting here:

My grandmother used to work for the College. Her love for COA was apparent through all the stories she would tell of the college’s fascinating history. It is through those conversations that I fell in love with COA. Or it’s in my genetic makeup, either way COA is rad and I’ve had my mind set on attending since 9th grade. 


Human Ecology Core Course

Political Persuasion and Messaging Fundamentals

Music Fundamentals: Intro to Reading/Hearing/Writing/Playing 

Philosophy at the Movies 

Writing Seminar 1: Exposition 

African American Literature 

Biology: Form and Function 

Introduction to Economics and the Economy 

Community Planning and Decision Making 

College Seminar in City/Country

Math and Physics of Sustainable Energy 

Landscape Architecture Design Studio 

Introduction to Statistics 

Alternative Options for On-Campus Housing (independent study)

Sustainable Design in the Built Environment

Physics 1

Human Relations: Principles and Practice  

Land Use Planning 1 


I am interning in the Economic Planning department for the town of Arlington, MA. I am excited to work closely with the community to help facilitate improvement projects they are excited about. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

MDI is beautiful and cold and the breeze always smells faintly like saltwater.

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

I am on the Campus Planning and Building Committee. It is a really unique experience to get such a first-hand look at how the college works “behind the scene

Best meal on campus:

mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, home fries, potato salad–anything potato, really 

COA might be the right college for you if...

you’re excited about learning and want to be part of a small and caring community.