Getting here:

Friends, telling friends, telling friends, telling friends. That’s how I found out about this little college by the sea. At first COA seemed really small, but with each term it seems to be getting bigger, more expansive and interesting. I tried not to set many expectations before coming here, which turned out to be the best approach, since having an open mind to the COA experience helped me discover the idiosyncrasies that make COA feel like home. 


So far I have taken Intermediate Painting, Philosophies of liberation, Figure Drawing, Illustration and an Independent Study in Ceramics. A lot of art courses, I know, but that’s what makes me happy! That’s exactly what I am shaping my course choices around. I have always loved making art work of any kind, and somehow even the courses that lie outside the realm of Art and Design seem to find a way to weave itself into my world of art. 

Favorite class:

Figure Drawing. Figure Drawing so far, out of the few classes I have taken, has definitely been the highlight of my academics here at COA. I have always been interested in drawing people and practicing representing them through 2 dimensional mediums. Figure Drawing has been a great way to learn how to see people and transfer them onto paper, without letting the preconditioned approaches of our brains dictate how they should be represented. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

There is a wonderful sense of adventure here on the island. I think it may be because MDI is such a small, close-knit community, that everyone is always so excited to do something new, exciting or crazy. 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

During the summer, my favorite thing to do is to go down to the pier and spend some much needed time with friends. 

Adventures yet to come:

I hope to be working hard at learning Arabic and Spanish next term, but I can’t say much about where I see myself as far as 5 or 10 years down the line.  

Best meal on campus:


COA might be the right college for you if...

your sense of style can’t be marred by the infinite amount of layers you have to wear. Also if you have a love for learning wild new things.