Getting here:

I docked at the COA pier to do laundry and take showers when I lived on a boat. And now I go to school here.


Human Ecology Core Course

Trees and Shrubs of MDI

Music Fundamentals

Anatomy and Physiology I

Advanced Composition


Creative Writing

Anatomy and Physiology II

Dramatic Writing for Stage and Screen


History of Agriculture: Apples


Favorite class:

Trees and Shrubs of MDI! Who doesn’t want to meet a bunch of new plants first thing in the morning? But really, Jill Weber is an absolutely fantastic professor, and now when I walk around campus I keep getting sidetracked because I can’t stop trying to ID trees. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Acadia National Park is a great place to in the off season if you want to hang out with some trees or get some quality alone time. You can go there with other people too, of course. Also, shameless plug for the Belfast Contra dance - it’s pretty sweet!

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

The Bar Island Swim. Just do it. You won’t drown, and it’s not as cold as they say it is. 

Adventures yet to come:

Well, I want to go to Africa, but we’ll see how that works out.  

Best meal on campus:

Red lentil dahl. Also anything curried. Especially curried.