Getting here:

I learned about COA through my university advisor Linda De Flavis at UWCSEA Dover. I arrived a day before my second birthday, I spent my first birthday in transit. I wish I knew that the ride from Boston to COA was very long and public transport was not readily available. Had I gotten a license before this, life could have been much easier. 


I took the required classes in my first two years. I am currently taking all the classes that are related to my interests. 

Favorite class:

Animal farm management and agroecology, because of the opportunities to work with animals and go on field trips. 

My approach to human ecology:

We are always shaping the environment even by jumping into the ocean. My work study and internship are my human ecology experiments, always looking for interactions. 


I did my internship with a state veterinarian in my hometown in northern Namibia. It lasted for about 9 weeks and I was doing everything that the veterinarian, Dr. Chipunga, was doing. Instead of just focusing on the medical aspects, I also learned about the social, cultural, financial, and environmental aspects of different farmers. 

Senior project:

I hope to focus my senior project on the livelihoods of my tribe, the Dhemba, by documenting our farming practices, culture, history, and challenges. Climate change is real especially if you live in a semi-arid country, desert, I will also recommend appropriate strategies to cope with these challenges. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

The ocean and its inhabitants. Cetaceans and pinnipeds excite me the most.  

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Sports, gaming, music, and dancing. I enjoy soccer and being part of the school’s research vessel crew. 

Passions & motivations:

I love rugby, hope to bring that to the COA community soon.

Adventures yet to come:

I hope to go to vet-school, work with wildlife, or work on the coast with the Namibian Dolphin Project.

Best meal on campus:

The ribs, chicken, and dessert. 

COA might be the right college for you if...

you have interests in multiple fields (interdisciplinary). 

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg cracked and the chicken came out or did the chicken lay the egg, maybe they met at the same time but the chicken said “Hi” first. Possible senior project for somebody out there.