Getting here:

I grew up in a city in New Jersey right next to NYC that was packed with traffic and people, I wanted to get out and explore a part of the U.S I had never been to before. I visited COA and fell in love with the area and made the big decision to move to Maine! 


- Natural HIstory 

- Contemporary Social Movement Strategies 

- Art Since the 1900’s

- Adult Education 

- Spanish I 

- Spanish II

-Immersion Practica in Spanish and Yucatecan Culture

-Yucatan: The Mayas of Yesterday and Today 

- Experiential Education  

- Intermediate Spanish II 

- Intercultural education 

Favorite class:

  1. My favorite course was Yucatan: The Mayas of Yesterday and Today. The class is part of the Yucatan Immersion program and we traveled around the state of Yucatan learning about Mayan history and anthropology.  

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

The OOPs trip is a fantastic experience to ease into COA and meet so many wonderful people. I had the opportunity to both be a participant and a leader of a trip and have made lifelong memories and friends. 

Best meal on campus:

Savory Tofu and Mac & Cheese (vegan of course!)

COA might be the right college for you if...

You want one on one help with your professors, have the drive to learn with a human ecological perspective that allows you to explore new ideas.