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I - Introductory

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Every other year

This course introduces students to the techniques, methods, and history of the depiction of the human figure through direct observational drawing. We will be working from a live, nude model to investigate structure, anatomy, and the expressive nature of the human form through a variety of traditional and contemporary approaches. Students will also be trained to look at the figure abstractly through careful consideration of negative space surrounding the figure, siting parallel visual relationships across the body, and by considering lines of gravity as a horizontal and vertical axis for comparative analysis. They will also develop a rudimentary understanding of anatomy (artistically) through skeletal studies and muscle groups while developing both traditional and unconventional ways of seeing and drawing the figure. Students will expand and refine their observational skills, become proficient with a variety of drawing media, and understand how these concerns overlap to create representational images. Understanding the integration of formal elements of drawing and how they are combined to achieve a sense of solidity, proportion, gravity, and animation when representing the human figure are our primary concern. Evaluation will be based on active physical and verbal participation in both work and in-class discussions or critiques, an increased proficiency to accurately represent the human form, individually designed projects, experimentation with drawing media. A final digital portfolio of work and self-evaluation is required.



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