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A - Advanced

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This group tutorial will build upon the advanced course of study several students completed in Fall 2016. That work was focused on developing a small practical ensemble suited to adapting, designing and producing Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In Winter term these same students will submit their current draft to a more formalized rehearsal process with the intention of sharing it with the greater community by term’s end. I will act as both research facilitator and artistic director of the project. The goals for the course are a deeper understanding of the text, personal artistic processes, physical training practices, collaborative curation, and audience/actor dynamic. Beyond Shakespeare, source materials will include works by Peter Brook, Harold Bloom, Tadashi Suzuki, Avital Ronell, Simon Critchley, Lisa Wolpe, Janet Suzman, Robert Wilson, Anne Bogart and others. This tutorial will also serve as preparation for a collaborative project in the spring between the college, The Criterion and the local primary schools (Criterion Kids Workshop - 5th grade Hamlet). That project has been funded by the Maine Arts Commission and will be managed by Eloise Shultz ’16 and myself. All students in this tutorial intend to be co-directors in that endeavor. Evaluation will be based on engagement and commitment to the study, including preparation, research, rehearsals, as well as progress made during winter towards the goals of this multi-term project.


Acting Hamlet, Acting Hamlet II, and permission of instructor.

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