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I - Introductory

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Upon occasion

Students interested in gaining proficiency in listening and speaking Mandarin and in reading and writing traditional Chinese characters will be placed in the level most appropriate to their current proficiency. The beginner courses emphasize the development of conversational proficiency, including listening comprehension, pronunciation, tone, and fluency, with increasing development of vocabulary and reading/writing skills for daily use. Units focus on authentic uses, such as getting sick/staying healthy, directions, meals, telephone conversations, and residential life. Students interested in being able to read and write traditional Chinese characters will find it much easier to learn simplified characters once they have been introduced to the beauty and logic of traditional Chinese characters. Students may also opt to participate in supplementary academic and cultural activities and events, such as bookbinding, calligraphy, cooking, dance, and martial arts. Evaluation will be based on class participation, completion of written assignments, quizzes, and two exams, including oral and written components. This course is part of a three-credit expeditionary program to Taiwan and will be administered by the Chinese Language Center at Tzu Chi University (TCU) in Hualien.


Co-enrollment in the other course required for this expeditionary program and permission of instructor.

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