Class Year


Current Hometown:

Deep Creek, Eleuthera

Job and Employer

Director of Communications at The Island School


Marketing and video production for a semester school for high school-aged students located in the Bahamas

Community work & family

 I’ve been woodworking at the wood shop we have on campus. I try to work mostly with the invasive Casuarina tree wood which is very heavy but very beautiful as well. Making things with my hands is a nice way to even out all of the work on computers. 

Senior project:

production of the fictional video short Reasonable Doubt


Photographer at Overland Summers (an adventure company for teens)

Human ecology in action:

I work on a sustainable campus every day and help to promote the education of high school students in the fields of science and conservation. The campus includes: cisterns for rain water collection, solar panels and solar hot water heaters, a wind turbine, and an aquaponics system for food production (no composting toilets yet).  We are always working with the difficult terrain/weather and remote location to live as sustainability as possible. 

A COA experience that was particularly significant or memorable:

Every peer critique in my Nancy Andrews classes. At my job, being able to review work in a positive yet productive way has been incredibly important. In Nancy’s classes I was able to not only figure out my own creative style, but also to help others refine theirs. Nancy’s patience, attention to detail, humor, and impeccable editing eye have been helping me since graduating in 2012. As Director of Communications, I am constantly trying portray the Island School through an artistic lens while helping others to do so as well.

Considerations for prospective students:

- Visit campus! Walk around campus on your own, eat in TAB, talk to people. 
- Campus is small, but that is one of COA’s greatest features. Everybody knows everybody
- Bring hiking boots