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I - Introductory

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This course considers the various genres of writing on the web, including shortform (e.g. social media posts), longform (e.g. blogging), and curation (e.g. email newsletters). Examined with an eye towards using these genres for online advocacy, they will be studied in terms of intended audience (who is supposed to get the message), efficacy (how well people understand the message), and penetration (scope of message transmission). Using social and environmentally responsible companies and organizations as case studies, students will have the chance to write in the various genres and understand how search engines, social media, and other online tools help reach audiences, increase message efficacy, and increase penetration or message. We’ll examine accessibility online and how online writing helps in raising money, increasing awareness, and driving social action.

Students will experiment with genres using different genres/techniques and curate a resource list (aggregating, categorizing, and utilizing online information). They will also be expected to give feedback in the way of online comments to their classmates and write a case study using real life example for short form content, long form content, and curated content. As an ongoing project that will serve as the course final, students will maintain a site about an issue of concern using the various online writing genres. Evaluation will be based on how well they use the genre(s) related to audience, efficacy, and penetration.



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