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M - Intermediate

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Upon occasion

This studio arts course invites students to engage multiple applications of storytelling as performance. Whether providing testimony and witnessing in community negotiations, seeking healing or reconciliation among family and friends, prompting topical discourse within the community, or honoring a person or tradition through living thought, it is the storyteller’s intentions that guide our methods of preparing for and evaluating a given performance. Through a progression of oral storytelling performance projects in combination with listening activities, reading activities, research assignments and performance exercises, students will engage with multiple storytelling applications and consider how the stories we tell constitute meanings. Our exploration encompasses stories in daily communication, personal stories (our own and others), and storytelling within the public sphere. In a final project students will model a qualitative research project, focusing on socio-cultural context of personal narratives and develop a story program to perform within the COA community. Past research topics have included a variety of storytelling applications through local and national movements and initiatives: Restorative Justice, Truth & Reconciliation Commission, Veterans History Project, narrative health communication and folk/oral art traditions. Evaluation will be based on attendance and participation in class activities, including successful completion of a series of group performance exercises, written responses, three assigned performance projects and an interview/research project.


Intro-level AD performance art course and completion of writing requirement recommended.

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