Getting here:

I applied to the school as a safety originally, but in the end was glad I had it as an option. I deferred admission for a year and during that time I had a health events that left me physically disabled. The school is not set up to be handicapped friendly, but I and some of the staff are working to change that. It is possible to be a disabled student at COA, but it takes self advocacy and not being afraid to speak up for what’s not working.


I’m trying to fulfill pre-vet requirements.

Favorite class:

Marine Bio with Chris Petersen has been my favorite class so far

My approach to human ecology:

Art & life sciences are my human ecology 

Adventures yet to come:

I’d like to work as an exotic vet ideally, and work with zoos and conservation efforts as well as animal education.

Best meal on campus:

Fresh salmon

COA might be the right college for you if...

Love the smell of the ocean and walking up endless stairs. Also a friendly and close knit community, but seriously, so many stairs.