Getting here:

I first came here two years ago in 2015 during a summer trip called Islands Through Time. I found ITT through random chance and a really helpful school counselor and teacher. This program really made me realize that this place is exactly what I love with the food, the teachers, the students, and the environment (both physical and social). The only thing I wish that people told me even before I knew what college I was going to is that my first school that I attend does not have to be the only one I attend. That I can transfer easily between schools and that is not a bad thing. I realized this when I met all of the transfer students around me and realized that your decision is not finite. It is not a contract. 


It is only the second term of my first year so the list is limited

1st Year Fall Term

Human Ecology Core Course

Organic Chemistry 1

Introduction to Guitar

1st Year Winter Term

Organic Chemistry 2

The Anthropocene

Biology: Cellular Processes of Life

Favorite class:

I would have to say the Human Ecology Core Course because it was the perfect introduction to this school’s mentality. The fact that we experienced 8 different teacher’s styles allowed me to really appreciate the fact that the world is viewed through so many different lenses and that I must adjust my own to the situation.

My approach to human ecology:

Investigate, Improvise, Improve, Inspire. 4 easy steps.


I hope to go on many internships in as many ways and as many times as possible throughout all of my 4 years because I want to experience whatever I can.

Senior project:

I have no clue. Ask Again Later

Life on Mount Desert Island:

This place has been so far very enjoyable. Even though I have not gotten out more, I still really love the fact that our world is its own little slice that has one bridge on and off of it. The fact that I can walk to town also heavily impacts my love of this place as it allows me to never need a car while here.

Passions & motivations:

Evolutionary Biology, Natural History, Ecological Science, Exoplanets, etc. I am interested into many topics

Adventures yet to come:

5 years: Graduate School?

10 years: Field Research of Some Kind

One thing I absolutely can’t wait to do is to be able to find the one person I know that I will spend the rest of my life with. I am actively working towards this, it is something that I can’t wait to have happened and this has been to my detriment, but I know it will benefit me, in the long run, to be searching.

Best meal on campus:

The ravioli is to die for. I absolutely rush back to get seconds every time they have made it and will try to be the first in line if I know that is what we are having for dinner.

COA might be the right college for you if...

you are not at all sure about what you wish to do, but know that you want to explore your options and want to experience a very diverse range of people and their own experiences. This school is truly for the open-minded individual and somewhat also for the introvert and shy person because the community here is so supportive that it allows all kinds of people to just be themselves and be accepted.


There is the best bench by the seaside behind Seafox, it is the perfect place to just read a book.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Why do we still ask this question? It is obviously the egg. Organisms have been using eggs long before there ever was anything we call chickens have existed.