Mountain Poets of China & Japan // Theories of Human Nature: the Self // Conspiracy Theories & Political Discourse // Satanic Verses // Seminar in Human Ecology // Contemporary Psychology // Occult Poetics & Praxis // History of God: Mysticism, Metaphysics, Politics and Nature // 

Independent Studies: 
Skeletal Articulation (group study) // Anton, Aleister, and Me // Twice Loved: Art and Necromancy // Introduction to Long Form Narrative Poetry 

My approach to human ecology:

an antidote to pessimism!!

people (you + me) + relationships (you + me + our environment) + ghosts + god + mortality + psychology + poetry = human ecology


Listening Point Foundation (Ely, Minnesota)

Passions & motivations:

dead stuff, bio-degradable glitter, dancing, occultism, small fuzzy animals


brain cells