Getting here:

I was raised in a sustainable intentional community since I was a wee kiddo, and as a result I knew I wanted to surround myself with a small community that actively wanted to better the world and care for the environment.

When I first visited COA, it felt a little bit like coming home. 

Favorite class:

It’s a solid tie between entomology and painting.


I hope to intern as a studio assistant with a working artist or in a museum or gallery.

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

I really love my work-study position in the communications office and greenhouse. In addition, you can find me at midwifery club, in the art studios late at night, walking around with my snake Harlow, or collecting sea glass and dead barnacles by the pier.

Best meal on campus:

The chili and cornbread in TAB will always have a place in my midwestern heart.


The greenhouse is the best place to nap during winter term.