So far I have taken classes focused on education, theatre, and human studies. 

My approach to human ecology:

I found a combination of quotes in Writing Culture by James Clifford which I think describes my experience of human ecology so far:



I hope to do an internship in alternative education or with oral histories. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

My favourite aspect of living on MDI is being within biking distance of the ocean and Acadia Park. 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Some of my favourite times have been at my work-study position with the Outing Club and Take-a-Break. I enjoy informally meeting with people to do acrobatics and go climbing.

Best meal on campus:

Crab cakes and fresh salad greens from the farm!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

As a friend of mine said

“It depends on the context.. and whether you are cooking with chicken or eggs.”