Getting here:

I felt that I could squeeze the most juice out of the orange that is college only if I forwent the typical college experience. So that’s how I found myself Googling “unique colleges” one morning. I was looking for a 4-year institution to which I could transfer after a single year at community college. I nudged my best friend sitting on the bed beside me, and showed him the little blurb about COA that I’d found.

“It sounds cool,” he said. “But you’re not gonna move to Maine.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”



Favorite class:

This question makes me anxious because I really have gained useful life skills from each class I’ve taken and it seems wrong to quantify and order them. That said, I loved the structure of my WI18 term because I worked on the same musical project in all three classes - this structure helped me produce more than the sum of its parts might.

My approach to human ecology:

music composition + audio production + writing + administration + video = human ecology


I plan to complete an internship in summer ’19 in which I can perform administrative tasks for a good cause.  Positions for which I’m applying range from special events coordinating at my hometown symphony to annual fund development at the HQ for a network of progressive, international schools.

Senior project:

I hope to simply continue recording tracks from my LP that I haven’t yet recorded by that time. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

I feel spoiled rotten living in Bar Harbor. Within walking 25-min. walking distance are a grocery store, a natural foods store, a boookstore, a library, a movie theater that plays big blockbusters and hosts cool events, and another movie theater that plays indie flicks/docs, and a YMCA. Surrounding all of it is acres and acres of protected mountains, forests, and bodies of water. You’ll never forget peaking Acadia Mountain’s granite top and looking down at the swath of green below and the sparkling ribbon of Somes Sound leading to the Atlantic below.