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M - Intermediate

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  • ED - Educational Studies

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Public schools are everyone’s concern. Shared ownership by diverse stakeholders often brings strong interest in school policies. This course will explore issues under debate by state and local policy-makers through readings, full class and small group discussions, guest speakers, and an extended simulation. We will also examine Maine’s Civil Rights Act and its implementation in various school districts. Our driving questions include: what are the ways parents, teachers, business people, and interested community members might influence school policies given the common constraints of limited time and energy? How do policy-makers sort through various opinions and facts to create legislation? How do those who implement policy integrate context and experience with the spirit of an official state statute? With the objective of understanding and negotiating critical school policy issues that impact the nation and beyond, evaluation will be based on class participation (including one of two field trips), reflection journal entries, a group interview and presentation, and a final personal analysis paper based on one of the bills under deliberation by Maine legislators this session.


Changing Schools, Changing Society and/or a prior policy course or strong interest in policy recommended. 

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