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M - Intermediate

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In this studio course we will screen and discuss forms of documentary and narrative filmmaking alongside video art works while engaging in various aspects of production. Whether working in the realm of Hollywood cinema or avant-garde moving images, we render a form of human ecology on screen. Approaches to cinematography, sound, editing, and installation will be addressed for students to expand their practical and theoretical concerns of such an investigation.

Participants work on a project-oriented basis to write, shoot, and edit their own videos. Students should be both self-directed and interested in developing a support system for producing each other’s work. To grow as creative individuals and in preparation for an end-of-term screening, most video assignments will be screened twice in-class for critique and revision. Evaluation will be based on completed videos projects, participation in critique and discussion, and presentations.


Prior video production experience and one or more of the following courses: Four-Dimensional Studio, Animation or Documentary Video Studio.

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