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A - Advanced

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Meets the following requirements:

  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Typically offered:

Once every three years

In this advanced art practicum and seminar, students will pursue the development of a body of art work or series of art works. Through practice, critique, discussion, readings, and interactions with artists and those involved in supporting and presenting artists, students will gain a better understanding of art as an ongoing pursuit, beyond classes and assignments. What does it take to maintain and fertilize the long-term project or a life’s work? How can a creative process be carried on, maintained and sustained? The primary goal of this course is for each student to develop their art practice, better understand their creative processes, and show evidence of these developments. This course is an excellent lead-up to a senior project in the arts. Students may work in any medium, but should already have the basic skills required for their chosen project(s)/body of work. This course requires significant dedication outside of class to make artworks. Students are expected to possess and/or extend their ability to be self-directed and motivated. Students will be evaluated on their progress towards their goals, and participation in discussions and critiques; pass/fail grade encouraged.


Multiple previous art classes and permission of instructor.

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