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M - Intermediate

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Meets the following requirements:

  • QR - Quantitative Reasoning
  • ES - Environmental Science

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This course is an introduction to the field of environmental chemistry, an exploration of chemicals and their reactivity/effect on the atmosphere, as well as aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Specifically, we will examine the sourcing, transport, and fate of specific chemicals in the context the following issues: air pollution, climate change, water pollution, hazardous organic compounds, soil health and waste disposal. Generally, environmental chemistry focuses on these two questions: 1) What is in the environment? and 2) What are the effects? The related question of how we design safer materials and products so that harmful chemicals don’t end up in the environment in the first place is covered in the follow-up course, Green Chemistry. There are two classes per week, as well as a field-based laboratory section. Evaluation is based on participation in discussions, exams, and group laboratory reports.


Chemistry I and II.

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