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M - Intermediate

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  • HS - Human Studies

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Typically offered:

Every other year

Sustenance is defined as the maintenance or support of someone or something. It can also be defined as food and drink as a source of strength or nourishment. This course embraces both definitions as it delves into case studies of food enterprises across Maine’s agri-food value chain. Two central questions frame the course: 1) What does it take to sustain Maine’s food system? 2) How do food-systems entrepreneurs pursuing their passion sustain themselves? Through academic articles, guest lectures, case studies, and field experiences, students will learn about the physical, political, economic, and social infrastructure that supports Maine’s food system. In addition, they’ll learn about the benefits and challenges faced by those dedicating their lives to food systems ventures. Highlighting the essential links that exist between farm and table, professional and personal, and idea and implementation, students will examine enterprises ranging from slaughterhouses and breweries to seaweed drying facilities and wholesale food distributors. Students will be evaluated based on class participation, a series of reflection papers, and a final project.



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