Honors and Awards

NSF Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability Fellowship, 2014-present [$377,421]


Advancing Green Chemistry, Science Communication Fellowship, 2017-present [$2,500]


Fulbright Scholar Program, NAWI Graz Professor of Natural Sciences, 2017 [$40,000]


Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research Fellowship, 2017 [$30,000]


Maine Technology Institute TechStart Grant (x2), 2016 [$5,000 x 2 = $10,000]


NSF REU Supplement, 2016-2017 [$15,000]


ACS Award for the Incorporation of Sustainability into Chemical Education, 2016 [$750]


Best Student Poster, ACS 17th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference, 2013 [$500]


Best Poster, Inorganic Division, 96th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, 2013 [$100]


CSC-Montreal 2001 Graduate Award (McGill Chemistry Department), 2013 [$800]


Sustainable Innovation Through Green Chemistry (First Prize Business Model competition), 2012 [$100]


Robert Zamboni Travel Award (McGill Chemistry Department), 2012 [$425]


Center for Green Chemistry and Catalysis Travel Award, 2012 [$1,000]


International Research Collaboration Travel Award (McGill Chemistry Department), 2012 [$2,800]


Alex MacInnes Fellowship in Green Chemistry (McGill Chemistry Department), 2011-2013 [$20,118]


Sustainable Chemistry Summit Travel Award, 2011 [$350]


Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel Award (McGill Chemistry Department), 2011 [$500]


Center for Green Chemistry and Catalysis Scholarship, 2010 [$3,000]


T. Sterry Hunt Award for excellence in teaching (McGill Chemistry Department), 2010 and 2011

[$350 / $275]


American Chemical Society Mid Hudson Chapter College Recognition Award, 2009 [$100]


Best Abstract Award at Hudson Valley Undergraduate Research Poster Session, 2009


Graduation with Sigma Xi Honors and Departmental Honors, Vassar College, 2009


Williams Book Award, 2005


Salutatorian, Morse High School, Bath, Maine 2005


Peer-Reviewed Research Publications

Reuben Hudson, Haoran R. Zhang, Amy LoTemplio, Georganna Benedetto, Go Hamasaka, Yoichi M. A. Yamada, Jeffrey L. Katz, and Yasuhiro Uozumi. Poly (meta-phenylene oxides) for the design of a tunable, efficient, and reusable catalytic platform. Chem. Commun., 2018, 54, 2878-2881.


Madhu Kaushik, Alain You Li, Reuben Hudson, Mitra Masnadi, Chao-Jun Li and Audrey Moores. Reversing aggregation: direct synthesis of nanocatalysts from bulk metal. Cellulose nanocrystals as active support to access efficient hydrogenation silver nanocatalysts. Green Chem., 2016, 18, 129-133


Reuben Hudson, Nicholas P. Bizier, Kristin N. Esdale and Jeffrey L. Katz. Synthesis of indoles, benzofurans, and related heterocycles via an acetylene-activated SNAr/intramolecular cyclization cascade sequence in water or DMSO. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2015, 13, 2273-2284 (cover article)


Reuben Hudson, Vanessa Chazelle, Mary Bateman, Ranjan Roy, Chao-Jun Li, and Audrey Moores. Sustainable Synthesis of Magnetic Ruthenium-Coated Iron Nanoparticles and Application in the Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation of Ketones. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2015, 3 (5), 814–820


Shingo Ishikawa, Reuben Hudson, Mitra Masnadi, Mary Bateman, Annie Castonguay, Nadi Braidy, Audrey Moores, and Chao-Jun Li. Cyclopropanation of diazoesters with styrene derivatives catalyzed by magnetically recoverable copper-plated iron nanoparticles. Tetrahedron. 2014, 70 (36), 6162-6168.


Reuben Hudson, Go Hamasaka, Takao Osaka, Yoichi Y. A. Yamada, Yasuhiro Uozumi, Chao-Jun Li, and Audrey Moores. Highly efficient iron(0) nanoparticle-catalyzed hydrogenation in water in flow. Green Chem., 2013, 15, 2141-2148


Reuben Hudson, Shingo Ishikawa, Chao-Jun Li and Audrey Moores. Magnetically Recoverable CuFe2O4 Nanoparticles as Highly Active Catalysts for Csp3-Csp and Csp3-Csp3 Oxidative Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling. Synlett. 2013, 24 (13), 1637-1642


Shingo Ishikawa, Reuben Hudson, Audrey Moores and Chao-Jun Li. Ligand modified CuFe2O4 nanoparticles as magnetically recoverable and reuseable catalyst for azide-alkyne click condensation. Heterocycles. 2012, 86 (2), 1023-1030


Reuben Hudson, Chao-Jun Li and Audrey Moores. Magnetic copper–iron nanoparticles as simple heterogeneous catalysts for the azide–alkyne click reaction in water. Green Chem., 2012, 14, 622-624.


Reuben Hudson, Antoine Rivière, Ciprian M. Cirtiu, Kylie L. Luska and Audrey H. Moores. Iron-iron oxide core-shell nanoparticles are active and magnetically recyclable olefin and alkyne hydrogenation catalysts in protic and aqueous media. Chem. Commun., 2012, 48, 3360-3362.


Tieqiang Zeng, Luo Yang, Reuben Hudson, Gonghua Song, Audrey R. Moores, and Chao-Jun Li. Fe3O4 Nanoparticle-Supported Copper(I) Pybox Catalyst: Magnetically Recoverable Catalyst for Enantioselective Direct-Addition of Terminal Alkynes to Imines. Org. Lett., 2011, 13 (3), pp 442–445


Review Articles and Book Chapters

Reuben Hudson and Audrey Moores. Reduction of Alkenes to Alkanes using Nanoparticle Catalysis. In Johannes G. de Vries, Science of Synthesis Reference Library: Catalytic Reduction in Organic Synthesis. Thieme. Accepted.


Reuben Hudson, and Jeffrey L. Katz. Oxacalixarenes. In Placido Neri, Jonathan L. Sessler and Mei-Xiang Wang. Calixarene Functionalization and Applications. Springer. 2016


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Reuben Hudson. Spotlight: Copper Ferrite (CuFe2O4) Nanoparticles. Synlett. 2013; 24(10): 1309-1310


Reuben Hudson, Yuting Feng, Rajender Varma and Audrey Moores. Bare magnetic nanoparticles: sustainable synthesis and applications in catalytic organic transformations. Green Chem., 2014, 16, 4493-4505. (cover article).


Peer-Reviewed Education Publications

Reuben Hudson, Scott Fenwick, Noah Tocci, Chandler Smith and Jeffrey L. Katz. Water as a benign alternative to organic solvents: An aqueous, indium-mediated Barbier/Grignard reaction. Submitted.


Reuben Hudson, Henry M. Ackerman, Lindsay K. Gallo, Addison S. Gwinner, Anna Krauss, John D. Sears, Alexandra Bishop, Kristin N. Esdale, and Jeffrey L. Katz. CO2 Dry Cleaning: A Benign Solvent Demonstration Accessible to K–8 Audiences. J. Chem. Educ. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.6b00412


Reuben Hudson, Daniel Leaman, Kiana E. Kawamura, Kristin N. Esdale, Samuel Glaisher, Alexandra Bishop, and Jeffrey L. Katz. Exploring green chemistry metrics with interlocking building block molecular models. J. Chem. Educ. 2016, 93 (4), 691–694


Reuben Hudson, Alexandra Bishop, Samuel Glaisher, and Jeffrey L. Katz. Visualizing Nanocatalysts in Action from Color Change Reaction to Magnetic Recycling and Reuse. J. Chem Educ. 2015, 92 (11), 1892–1895


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Reuben Hudson. Similarities Between Scientific and Dramatic Prose. J. Chem. Educ. 2015, 92 (5), 781–783


Reuben Hudson. The Struggle with Voice in Scientific Writing. J. Chem. Educ., 2013, 90 (12), 1580–1580


Reuben Hudson and Kylie L. Luska. Recording Tutorials To Increase Student Use and Incorporating Demonstrations To Engage Live Participants. J. Chem. Educ., 2013, 90 (5), 527–530

Non-Academic Publications

Reuben Hudson. The unrealized environmental value of the catalytic converters in our cars. Bangor Daily News. March 18th, 2016.


Reuben Hudson. All eyes were on industry to stop ozone depletion. Same goes for climate change. Bangor Daily News. December 31st, 2015.


Reuben Hudson. An upside for carbon dioxide: Decaf coffee, eco-friendly deodorant. Bangor Daily News October 24th, 2015.


Reuben Hudson. How maple sap can help us wean ourselves off oil. Bangor Daily News. July 17th, 2015.


Reuben Hudson. How wood could be the new oil, add value to Maine’s forestry industry. Bangor Daily News. April 7th, 2015.


Reuben Hudson. Behind carbon-neutral claims: No more carbon besides what’s already circulating. January 22nd, 2015.


Reuben Hudson. Getting to a post-oil world involves much more than solving an energy dilemma. Bangor Daily News. November 17th. 2014.


Seth Butler, and Reuben Hudson. BPA-free not enough. Bangor Daily News. September 18th, 2014.


Reuben Hudson and Maria Guerra. What if chemists had a nontoxic goal? Would W.Va. water have been drinkable? Bangor Daily News. January 28th, 2014.


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