Getting here:

I spent a lot of time choosing the right school for me.  Being from Pennsylvania, moving to the ocean has not only been a lifelong dream, but also a necessity to study marine science.  Honestly, I had looked at several schools along the East coast of the continental United States, and when I came across COA, I knew it was the school for me.



Marine Mammal Biology

Endangered Species & Wildlife Law

International Wildlife Policy & Protected Areas

Native American Law



Technical Writing

Ocean & Fishes

My approach to human ecology:

Marine Science + Policy + Photography = Human Ecology

Senior project:

This summer, I will be spending roughly 10 weeks on Mount Desert Rock testing oceanic water quality in the Gulf of Maine area.  Data will be correlated with another study in phytoplankton abundance.  The goal is to provide a baseline of nutrient concentration and water temperature data and gain an enlightened perspective of the ecosystem’s productivity within this region.  I anticipate using this experience on Mount Desert Rock as my senior project.


Life on Mount Desert Island:

Life on the island is incredible.  It’s something I have never experienced before.  Everyday, I get to see the ocean, the rocky cliff sides, and the breathtaking Acadia National Park.  It is truly something special.  

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

My work study is with Allied Whale.  I participate in marine mammal standings, necropsies, and whale-tale matching.  It can be challenging, but always rewarding.

Best meal on campus:

I love meatball day!  Seriously, the best meatballs I ever had.