Skills for Conflict Resolution and Advocacy on Human Rights; Economics of Cooperation, Networks & Trust; Macroeconomics: Theory and Experience; Introduction to Global Politics; Introduction to the Legal Process; Conspiracy Theory and Political Discourse; Community Planning and Decision Making; College Seminar: Practical Skills in Community Development; Sex, Gender, Identity, and Power; Intimate Partner Violence: Dynamics and Community Response; Seminar in Climate Change; Practicum in Sustainable Energy; Physics and Mathematics of Sustainable Energy; Sustainable Strategies; Land Use Planning; Documentary Video Studio. 

Favorite class:

Independent Study:
I did an independent study with professor Heather Lakey based on the Harvard introductory course to moral and political philosophy. The study’s approach to classical and contemporary theories of justice allowed me to dedicate time to my academic interest and explore new perspectives on the subject of Politics. I submitted to my study director a weekly report about what I have learned and how I thought this material could be applied to analyze contemporary legal and political controversies. I recommend everyone to take at least one Independent Study at COA!

Changing Schools, Changing Society:
I could connect some materials from other courses and apply them to my Service Learning experience. I collaborated for 15 hours with a local educator to strengthen the students’ civil rights knowledge and practices. I developed and conducted a training focusing on gender identity and sexual orientation equality for the 22 students (age range 11-13 years old) of the Conners Emerson’s Civil Rights Team.

My approach to human ecology:

Political Science + Public Policy + Community Building + Sustainable Development


For my internship, I will be interning with Mount Desert 365, a local community-based organization working on housing affordability and economic revitalization of commercial districts.