Human Ecology Core Course, Intercultural Education, Intermediate Spanish II

Indigenous America, Intermediate Painting, Learning a Language on Your Own (Yucatec Maya)

World Percussion, Writing Seminar II: Argumentation, Projects in Self-directed Language Learning (Yucatec Maya)

Physics I: Mechanics and Energy, From Native Empire to Nation States, Advanced Spanish

Yucatán Study Abroad Program: Immersive Yucatec Maya, The Mayas of Yesterday and Today, Immersion Practica in Yucatec Maya and Yucatecan Culture

Favorite class:

I loved Indigenous America for it gave me a unique perspective and insight on the historical and cultural genesis of Turtle Island. 

Immersion Practica in Yucatec Maya and Yucatecan Culture was a wonderful wonderful opportunity to apply in real life hands on situations everything I had learned about Maya culture and Indigenous communities, a true human ecological opportunity. 

My approach to human ecology:

indigenous studies+languages+anthropology+textile arts=human ecology 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

I love sunrises at the top of Cadillac Mountain, and it is the first place to see it in the United States for most of the year!  We are so lucky to have Acadia National Park as our backyard. MDI is a close and welcoming community, even for people who come from halfway across the world like me!