Getting here:

I got to know about COA when I was in high school in UWC China and because I knew friends who were going to attend this college too. 

I did not really have many expectations but it definitely surprised me beyond whatever I could have expected. Maybe something I would have liked to know before arriving was the importance of staying in touch with family and friends back home to not make them worry! 


1)Ecology Natural History, HE forum, Introduction to Writing. 

2)Indigenous America, Intermediate painting, Global Politics.

3)Environmentality, Anthropology of Climate Change Adaptation, Skills for Conflict Resolution and Advocacy for Human Rights.

4)Climate Justice, Seeds, Agroecology and Mapuche Ontology, the interlinkage.

Favorite class:

Ecology Natural History, took it in my first term, definitely mind-blowing and eye-opening. But also Environmentality I recommend e v e r y o n e at COA take it. Among many other super good classes! 

My approach to human ecology:

Environmental politics + indigenous communities + XX = human ecolgy

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Earth in Brackets, CCS (Campus Committee for Sustainability)

Gardening and Discarded Resources - as best work studies!

Carving spoons every Friday is a very groovy tradition.

Passions & motivations:

Passionate about visual arts, in all its forms, cultures, diversity, nature wisedom, sports (acroyoga), music. I am motivated to add my part to make of the world I live in a slightly nicer place.

Adventures yet to come:

Next term I’ll be doing my internship in Chile on agroecology and indigenous communities. In 5 years I see myself finishing my masters in an environmental field related study somewhere in Europe? 10 years is a lot so I just hope to see myself happily doing what I am passionate about.

Best meal on campus:

Any lunch at TAB (take-a-break, our cafeteria). So delicious, especially the tofu! 

COA might be the right college for you if...

you find yourself as a person that will make the most of any opportunity. If you are passionate and are looking forward to learning as much as possible in any possible way.