Getting here:

I actually first read about COA in middle school! COA is so unique that the college stuck out in my mind all throughout high school and I knew for sure I would apply here, the tiny super sustainable school on the coast of Maine. It’s weird to think back on that time now as I’m in my dorm writing this!


Fall 2018: Political Communication, Ecology: Natural History

Favorite class:

Political communication! It’s been so fascinating to delve deep into political messaging, why/when it works and doesn’t, and how to recognize different strategies that are really timeless when it comes to messaging and advertising.

My approach to human ecology:

Social justice, politics and policy.


Hopefully I’ll be doing something in politics!

Senior project:

I just got here! So thinking about my senior project now is kind of crazy, but a really cool one would be improving the wheelchair accessibility of the campus.  

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Definitely the scenery, it’s beautiful up here! Living in the city all my life before coming here, I only was at one with nature if I went somewhere else—it’s nice to live amongst it.

Passions & motivations:

Equity and justice around the country and the world.

Adventures yet to come:

Hopefully soon enough, I’ll be working on the campaign of a very progressive candidate running for office that I support wholeheartedly. After that…maybe I’ll run for office! Who knows?

Best meal on campus:

Lasagna with garlic bread!

COA might be the right college for you if...

you feel stifled by more traditional approaches to education


Please feel free to write me with any questions, or if you need the perspective of a woman of color or someone from the big city attending COA! I would love to hear from you <3

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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