Favorite class:

I could never say what my favorite class has been, but I can mention a few of the best…

Homesteading Theories and Practices-Anthropological and physical exploration of American Homesteading and how it impacts hegemonic culture

Leaving Capitalism- Speaks for itself, a class dedicated to looking at the MANY alternatives to capitalism and how we can transform society by leaving the growth mindset

White Water White Paper- In this class, I learned about water policy, hydrology, biology, chemistry and every weekend we went white water paddling on the rivers of Maine. 

Illustration- Diving into the dream I have had of being an illustrator was helped along by this incredible course

Marine Biology- While in the Ocean, it is a joy to know who you are swimming alongside, as well as the currents that make the water what it is

My approach to human ecology:

Sociology+Art+Outdoor Education+Alternative Healing=Human Ecology

I am combining sociology with art and outdoor education to in order to create alternative healing practices that realign individuals within themselves and within the rhythms of the earth. I hope to support people to tap into their highest potential through supporting their creativity and connection to their own inner nature and the nature of the land. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Mountains, Ocean, Salt air and Pine Forest,Coffee shops and Farms. Mount Desert Island is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There is a power and vitality to the land that nourishes the spirit and inspires the mind. 

Adventures yet to come:

Adventures yet to come are bountiful, seeing as every breath I take seems to carry me into crazy beautiful new perspective and place. I am looking forward to painting portraits of people around the world doing things they love. I want my art to be a mirror, a reflection of the light I see within the individuals who call Mother Earth Home.