Getting here:

Growing up not far away many of the adults in my life had gone to COA so applying seemed like a no brainer.


Human Ecology Core Course, Child Development, Intro. to Arts and Design, Supporting Students with Disabilities in the Regular Classroom, Intermediate Painting, Writing Seminar I in Exposition, Gardens and Greenhouses: Theory and Practice of Organic Gardening, Understanding and Managing Group Dynamics, Calling Bullshit: Critical Data Literacy, Changing Schools Changing Society, Homesteading: Theory and Practice, Spanish, Yucatan Spanish Emersion Program, Nutritional Anthropology, Ornithology, Math for Elementary Educators Group Study

Favorite class:

I have really liked all of my classes, but one that was especially interesting was Homesteading: Theory and Practice.  This class brought together the theoretical aspects of homesteading, and the hands on aspects really well.  Not only did we have great in class discussion but we also had really interesting field trips to visit homesteads.  I also really loved the Yucatan Spanish Emersion Program, spending 3 months in the Yucatan allowed me to get to know another culture and to explore another side of myself.

My approach to human ecology:

Community + Education + Nature = Human Ecology


I plan to do a student teaching internship in the fall of my forth year. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

A wonderful mixture of peacefully quiet and buzzing with activities. 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

I love spending time outside, I have had lots of opportunities to do this because of the college’s ideal location.  I am also involved in the Outing Club and The Black Fly Running Club.

Passions & motivations:

Education and getting kids outside through adventure ed. and farm to school programs.

Best meal on campus:

Salmon and Beech Hill Farm Kale salad

COA might be the right college for you if...

Love learning, and want to be able to connect many different interests.  Also if you are tired of learning material for a test.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg, of corse!