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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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Meets the following requirements:

  • HS - Human Studies
  • W - Writing

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This course will explore the rapidly expanding field of marine environmental history and historical studies that focus on fish and fisheries. Students will learn about the history of oceans and fishes by looking at how historians and other scholars frame their works and make their arguments. We will explicitly compare methods, use of evidence and other aspects of different disciplinary approaches to the topic to highlight the strengths and limitations of each approach. This dimension of the class is particularly interesting because of the dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of scholarship right now that brings a wide range of research into dialogue. The course will focus intensively on helping students develop their own ideas and arguments in writing by focusing on writing as a process. Students will draft, write, revise and rewrite several short analytical essays with an eye toward clarifying their own argument, using text as evidence, and writing clearly and cohesively. Students will also be evaluated on their preparation for discussion and capacity to engage in a discussion-based exploration of the seminar readings. This course is appropriate for students with interest in history, community-based research, marine studies, and environmental policy. Students who are just curious and interested in lots of things are also most welcome. This class meets the first-year writing course requirement.



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