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I - Introductory

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Upon occasion

Behind the podcasts and music we listen to are thousands of puzzle pieces that are put together by interviewers, musicians, and most importantly, audio engineers. Engineers paint an aural picture of the work their clients wish to share with the world, transporting listeners to new experiences. The hundreds of hours of audio production that lead to a final recording are an invisible but integral part of the audio production process. This introductory course focuses on this process. Through the professional recording, editing, and mastering of audio for podcasts, radio broadcast, and music albums, students will learn to paint an aural picture for their listeners.

We will cover digital and analog audio equipment as well as techniques used to operate this equipment successfully. Topics will include transducers, condenser and dynamic microphones, microphone placement, signal processing, ProTools software, mixing, effects processing, mastering, and interacting with clients. An introduction to live sound reinforcement will be provided to give context to ProTools. Three weekend sessions will provide hands-on experience recording demos for local musicians. Students will be evaluated on their participation while recording these sessions as well as their input during weekly listening sessions and critiques.


Permission of instructor; no previous experience with audio recording is needed. 

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