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A - Advanced

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  • HY - History
  • HS - Human Studies

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Upon occasion

This course will trace the extraordinary life of García Lorca and the people, places and events that shaped it. It is part of a three-credit expeditionary program focused on the life and work of Federico García Lorca and its unique relevance in the face of today’s cultural and political landscape. Rooted in a deep study of early twentieth century Spanish history, art and politics, our discussion and research will also lean heavily toward contemporary connections—how Lorca’s peculiar moment in history helped shape our own. Students will look broadly at the Spanish timeline focusing primarily on the period known as the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939). They will also investigate the uniquely complex religious and cultural history of Andalucia, study the Arabic poetry of al-Andalus, learn about the Caliphates of Córdoba and Granada, and discuss how that particular landscape influenced Lorca’s work, politics and personal life. Through personal research, readings, video, guest speakers and targeted field work throughout Spain (Madrid, Granada, Belchite, Jarama, Valle de los Caídos, Visnar, Almería) students will explore a wide gamut of Lorca’s life experience as well as the continuing debate about the motives and details of his execution by Fascist forces in 1936. Students will also study the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, Francoism, and the “pact of silence” that was put in place as Spain transitioned to a democracy in 1976. Readings will include Ian Gibson, George Orwell, Javier Cercas, Helen Graham, Maria M. Delgado, Francisco Ferrándiz, Jaume Peris Blanes, and others. Evaluation in this course will be based on the successful completion of all short assignments as well as effective drafting, documentation, and presentation of a major final research project (the medium, scope and structure of this project will be determined by the student in consult with both instructors).


Successful completion of the writing requirement and at least one literature intensive course at COA, and simultaneous enrollment in the other two courses required for this expeditionary project. Permission of instructor required. 

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