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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

Class size limit:


Meets the following requirements:

  • AD - Arts & Design
  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Typically offered:

Every other year

Advanced Painting provides students an opportunity to develop ambitious work independently. Each student, in conversation with the instructor, will propose their own project to develop over the full ten-week term. The instructor will provide one on one guidance, group critiques, demonstrations, readings and lectures pertinent to the general subject and content each student chooses to pursue. Emphasis will be placed on constructing a personal painting practice that can sustain on-going experimentation and research plus yield a significant body of accomplished work. There will be field trips to museums, gallery exhibitions and artist studios in addition to visiting artists/critics who will provide outside feedback on student work. Students will be evaluated on the quality and conceptual rigor of the work they propose and create. Other evaluative criteria include craftsmanship, auxiliary skills such as constructing and preparing supports plus their active participation and clear verbal articulation of concepts in relation to their work.


Permission of the Instructor plus any one or more of the following AD courses: Advanced Projects, Intermediate Painting, Intermediate Drawing, Studio Printmaking, Abstraction, Modern & Contemporary Drawing Practices.

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