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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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Writers from Yeats to Eliot to Plath have delved into the powerful imagery of the tarot deck, and contemporary writers are still using this and other means of divination—the I Ching, channeling, somatic exercises, etc.—as a pathway to vibrant language and self-awareness. In this seminar and workshop, we’ll look at examples of contemporary work that employ or reference procedures that are devised from the occult/psychic realms. Through this mystical lens we will explore the work of writers from previous generations such as Robert Graves, Italo Calvino, Robert Creeley, Philip Whalen and Hannah Weiner and key current figures like Alice Notley, Leslie Marmon Silko, CA Conrad, Hoa Nguyen, Wendy C. Ortiz, and Ariana Reines, and read about how and why literary artists have turned to these pathways. We will also try our own hand at employing “supernatural” tools toward super, and natural, art-making, and workshop the results. Students will be evaluated based on classroom engagement and fulfillment of several assignments, including research-driven oral presentations and a final portfolio of creative work.


Course is best suited for students experienced with literary or other artistic practices and a critique-based model of workshop.

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