Class Year


Current Hometown:

South Portland, Maine

Job and Employer

Advisor with TRIO Upward Bound at the University of Southern Maine


I work as an advisor with TRIO Upward Bound at the University of Southern Maine. After working as an admission counselor at COA, I was eager to help students on the other side of the college process. During the school year I meet one-on-one with students, and in the summer we run a residential summer program of activities ranging from academic classes, to college tours, to evening electives.

Community work & family

My spouse and I spend a lot of time around Portland enjoying terrific food with friends (including several COA grads!). At home, I tend to our front-yard vegetable garden.

Senior project:

International Volunteerism: A Culture of Mutual Dependency After doing a residency in Guatemala, I bound the gathered images, observations, and thoughts into a book about the relationships between locals and international volunteers.


Outdoor Adventure Specialist at one of the Fresh Air Fund’s summer camps in Fishkill, New York

Human ecology in action:

I think human ecology is about seeing relationships and connections. In my work I consider
how a student’s behavior changes due to lack of sleep, how the school environment impacts
their attendance, and how curriculum affects their perspectives. I love discovering these
relationships and working to improve outcomes for the students with whom I work.

A COA experience that was particularly significant or memorable:

Oh goodness, there were so many! The Yucatan Program was definitely a highlight for me. It
pushed me to really grapple with human ecology. I learned how to deeply appreciate other
worldviews, make delicious food, and travel independently.

Considerations for prospective students:

COA provided me with an incredibly strong foundation from which to grow. I came to COA
because I wanted to focus on science, but also have the opportunity to try out other creative
pursuits. I steadily pushed myself to try new fields. By graduation, my transcript was evidence of
my exploration. Shortly after graduating, I wondered if my dabbling proved my lack of focus. In
my work, however, I have found my experimentation to be invaluable. Environmental sciences
encouraged me to be analytical; human studies, to be perceptive; and arts & design, to be
creative. I have found I most enjoy work that combines all of these experiences. From
researching new teaching methods, to guiding students, to designing brochures, I build upon the
skills I learned at COA every day.