Why I Give

I have been intrinsically involved with College of the Atlantic since the early 1970s. I met COA co-founder Father Jim Gower soon after I moved here and he invited me to various peace movement gatherings on the Village Green, especially the anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bomb attack. Shortly thereafter, I started the Arcady Music Festival and COA staff and faculty members Susan Lerner, John Cooper, and Gray Cox served on the board.

Arcady played at COA many times over many years. My wife Tomoko and I got to know the students and the people who work there. We share the same values the college espouses. Really, our community has been indistinguishable from the COA community—like family really. We have become close to COA students, especially acting as mentors for the Japanese students, meeting their families when they come to visit.

Everything COA stands for and everything COA is doing is what we believe in. That’s why I have chosen to leave a planned gift to COA. COA is putting what we believe into practice by teaching the students to create a better future for the world.

Masanobu Ikemiya is an award-winning pianist, artistic director, and peace activist who lives in Bar Harbor. In 1980, he founded the Arcady Music Festival, for which he was artistic director for 24 years.