Class Year


Current Hometown:

Brooklyn, New York

Job and Employer

Freelance cinematographer and camera assistant


I’m currently working as a freelance cinematographer and camera assistant for clients in the fashion, media, and hospitality industries in addition to working on documentaries. Before branching out as a freelancer, I was working as the in-house cinematographer and video editor at Wondersauce, a full-service digital agency in New York. I worked with art directors, copywriters, producers, and freelance crew to create branded video content that clients use to promote their products, platforms, and campaigns.

Community work & family

I spend free time working on personal film projects; riding my bike to explore New York City
neighborhoods, state parks, and beaches; and meeting friends to enjoy art galleries, dance
performances, theater, and movies.

Senior project:

I made a portfolio of video work that included documentaries about sharing food and community, as well as environmental and social justice issues from the perspective of young activists at a United Nations conference on climate change. Collaborating with a web designer and developer, I created a website to display my portfolio online.


My internship was with Bridget Besaw, the filmmaker and conservation documentarian behind Seedlight Pictures. I assisted with the capture of audio and video stories for The Nature Conservancy, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Middlebury College, and Patagonia Sur. I marketed photography books to Maine booksellers and served as Bridget’s teaching assistant for her methodology class at Maine Media Workshops in Rockport.

A COA experience that was particularly significant or memorable:

In my third year, I traveled to Durban, South Africa as an embedded video journalist with seven
other COA students and members of the activist group, Earth in Brackets. We were in Durban
to attend the 2011 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. I made an
expositional documentary about the inner workings of the conference and the formation of
new activists advocating for climate justice.

Considerations for prospective students:

My COA education emphasized critical analysis, self-awareness, and problem-solving through
the lens of multiple perspectives and disciplines. Having an interdisciplinary background offers
an advantage even as I continue to specialize in my field.
Nancy Andrews’ video courses were foundational training that set me on my current career
track. Anne Kozak’s Advanced Composition class not only helped me develop strong writing
skills, but also made me a more deft video editor. The practice of shaping something raw into a
concise, coherent, and elegant form is key to storytelling.