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I - Introductory

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Graphic design and visual communication is increasingly taking place in digital media, which implies a range of new possibilities as well as challenges for designers and communicators. Digital media is interactive, offering viewers the possibilities to engage and explore through individualized experiences. These experiences are also collaborative, turning audiences into networks of communicating peers. Participatory experiences are also amorphous, combining previously distinct media forms such as text, image, audio and video into a dynamic occurrence.

This course is for students interested in learning effective visual communication through digital media. We explore the two cornerstones for building design aptitude: a repertoire of design examples, and practical skills. This will be realized through recurring discussions, a series of design exercises, and a final project. The digital design genres we will concentrate on include information design, visualization, data journalism and collaborative media. A user-centered perspective will be adopted throughout, involving methods and techniques to design for user experience (UX).  Evaluation will be based on active participation in and contribution to class discussions (20%), course exercises (30%) and a final project (50%).


Graphic Design Studio 1 or permission of instructor.

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