Getting here:

After an unsatisfactory search for colleges in my area, I found COA by researching “green” schools online that allowed me to study exactly what I wanted. COA was by far the best fit. 

Favorite class:

Invertebrate Zoology (Helen Hess)

My approach to human ecology:

Marine science + zoology + photography + climate justice + philosophy + writing = human ecology


I was a station manager at one of the college’s remote island field stations, Mount Desert Rock

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Outdoor leadership program and the Outing Club, Allied Whale, COA College Opportunity and Access (COA2)

Passions & motivations:

I’m passionate about change and how we respond to changes in our environment. My senior project is focusing on how zooplankton and the megafauna dependent on them are responding to rapid temperature warming in the Gulf of Maine.

Best meal on campus:

Tofu mac and cheese, a campus classic 

COA might be the right college for you if...

Embrace independence in your educational path and the interconnectedness of subjects