Getting here:

I was searching for marine programs in the US, and COA was one of the few colleges to offer it as an undergraduate degree. I also had friends who applied here so I was already familiar with the college when it was my time to apply. 


Marine Mammal Biology, Genetics, Constitutional Law, Native American Law, Environmental Law, Derrida I & II, Spanish Conversation, How to  Write your Novella, Movement Training Basics, Walking the Line: Introduction to Drawing, Bioethics, Diaspora & Unbelonging, Thermodynamics, Physics and Sustainability,  and many more. 

Independent study: Activism and organization in the state of Maine

My approach to human ecology:

questioning + investigating + observing + connecting = human ecology

Life on Mount Desert Island:

I love that we can be so close to nature. I love going on hikes and going to lakes and the beach during summer. During the winter, I enjoy ice skating in the lakes as well. Contra-dancing is a magical experience to have with the community in Maine.

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

BSU! Aurora Borealis! Working at TAB! Cultural Show! Summer Institute!

Passions & motivations:

Conservation and ways to reshape our future, dance, the marine world and identity!

Best meal on campus:

Wednesdays pizza and ice cream combos!

COA might be the right college for you if...

you enjoy the cold!


To-do list: Dive in the ocean on New Year’s Day.