Getting here:

my mom’s former intern’s ex-girlfriend worked at COA. i hadn’t looked into many schools, but knew i wanted to be on the east coast, somewhere small and environmentally focused. when they (my mom’s former intern) mentioned it to me it checked all the boxes!


fall 2019

Landscape Architecture Studio

Trees and Shrubs of MDI

Writing Seminar II: Argumentation

winter 2020

The History of the American Conservation Movement

The Art and Science of Fermented Foods

Restoration Ecology

spring 2020

Human Ecology Core Course

4D Studio

3D Studio

fall 2020

Seeing Ecology Through Arts Practice

Introductory Entomology

Herbalism Independent Study

Favorite class:

trees and shrubs is the most wonderful, invigorating, and grounding class. i hoped taking it my first term would help orient me to a completely new coast and it most certainly did. 

My approach to human ecology:

learning from plants + drawing + being immersed in diverse perspectives 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

conscious community dance. contra dances. the fermentation fair. 

Passions & motivations:

native plants. fermenting food. making art. herbal medicine.

Best meal on campus:

vegan fall flavors pasta!

COA might be the right college for you if...

your mom’s old intern’s ex girlfriend worked here…


catching (and releasing) garter snakes. putting moxie in the snow to get it cold. serving professors and peers at open table in town.