Fall 2019: Climate Justice, Physics and Mathematics of Sustainable Energy, and Intermediate Ceramics.

Winter 2020: Politics and the Supreme Court, Advanced Composition, and Ceramics Independent Study: Exploring Forms, Sets, and Techniques. 

Spring 2020: Presidential Elections, Public Lands: Past, Present and Future, and Human Ecology Core Course.

Fall 2020: Constitutional Law, Fixing Elections: Workshopping Democratic Solutions, and Biology: Form and Function. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Sand Beach is one of my favorite places ever. 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

The Bar Island swim is a must. At least give it a go. It’s a great time and if you’re really that scared, I’ll swim with you.

Passions & motivations:

Politics, pottery, my Volvo, public lands, music, fly fishing, hiking, cooking, Star Wars, card games, & Maine

Best meal on campus:

I don’t remember specifically what it was called. I think it was seasonal autumn pasta or something, but it was squiggly pasta with butternut squash, kale, and maybe mushrooms… SO good.


when my car finally starts on the 3rd try