Thus far, I’ve taken Life Stories, Trees and Shrubs of Mount Desert Island, and Weed Ecology. Each has been captivating in their own ways!

My approach to human ecology:

Early in my first term my friend said this to me:

I want to nurture the relationship between people and their environment.

That really struck me as the core purpose of what we do here. To me, human ecology is the concept that allows us to connect to the many layers of the onion that is our environment, or in more familiar terms, our home. To me, that means understanding this earth’s many facets through story, through trees, through dance, through food and medicine, and most of all through gratitude.

Adventures yet to come:

I have far too lofty plans! I’m hoping to do the entire Appalachian Trail with a friend (barefoot when possible), get a license in acupuncture, move to Sweden, adopt a goat friend, and then build a cottage in the middle of the woods.


Sourdough bread, tea ceremonies, ocean dips, taking forever to carve one wooden spoon, astrology discussions, massaging friends, visiting the farmer’s market on Sundays, sea glass collecting.