Getting here:

Spent two years at Wellesley College studying German. Decided that was definitely not what I wanted to do in a place I did not want to be. On leave last spring, I finally came to my senses and let myself pursue an education better suited to my academic and personal goals, both of which COA seems to support with exuberance.

Biggest lesson learned in the process: A quality education and happiness are not mutually exclusive!


  • Religious Intolerance in the United States
  • Intimate Partner Violence: Dynamics and Community Response
  • Graphic Design Studio I

My approach to human ecology:

(environment + community + dialogue + ideas + research + creativity + pushing limits + revision + variation + challenging biases + big mistakes + humility + connection + courage to persevere + active hope) · (patience + a whole lot of love) = human ecology?

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

(Let me preface this section by saying there is always more I want to do.)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working-Group
Student Life Committee

Thorndike Library (circ desk and A/V)

Favorite traditions and events include the Bar Island Swim, All College Meeting, Human Ecology Forum, the Community Show, language tables, coffee houses, and contradances!

Passions & motivations:

Mental health care, social and environmental sustainability and justice, creative practices

Adventures yet to come:

Countless! I’d like to learn how to dance and speak Spanish and get my MSW.

Best meal on campus:

TAB fills me with joy three times per day. 

COA might be the right college for you if...

you’re sick of academia being a competition and still want to be challenged by the rigor of your coursework.

the thought of choosing just one or two departments in which to take classes fills you with dread.

you want to form meaningful connections with peers, staff, faculty, chipmunks, the ocean, etc.