FA 2019: Ceramics II, Writing Seminar II: Argumentation, Equal Rights, Equal Voices: The Rhetoric of Woman Suffrage

WI 20: Introduction to Glass Blowing and Sculpture, Constructing Visual Narrative, Cross-Cultural American Women’s Novels

SP 20: 3D Studio, Human Ecology Core Course, Public Speaking Workshop

FA 20: Music Fundamentals, Disability Rights in Education, Ecology: Natural History

WI 21: Illustration, Animation, Reconsidering the Trivial

SP 21: Multimedia Crossings: Painting-Performance-Installation Art, Herpetology, World Percussion

FA 21: Kinetic Sculpture, Soundscape, Primitive Skills for the 21st Century

WI 22: Introduction to Chaos and Fractals, Northern Expedition, Mono and Relief Printmaking Independent Study

SP 22: Animation II, Ornithology, Bees and Society

FA 22: Samba Percussion Ensemble, Craft Ecologies

My approach to human ecology:

Fully embracing the ambiguity and confusion of Human Ecology while also having a quick and simple answer for when my grandma asks what I’m studying.


Specialty Art Camp at Camp Beech Cliff.

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Peaceful winters and zesty springs. 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Snow days & building snow people, singing and dancing with friends, canoeing, homemade pizza.

Passions & motivations:

Talking about and making art, trying to floss everyday, being outside.

Best meal on campus:

Finding something very yummy in the community fridge.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?