Getting here:

I found out about COA through my college counselor as I was applying for other colleges and universities. One day, he asked me “have you ever heard of College of the Atlantic?” (I’m unsure of how he found out about COA, but he’s good!) At the time, I hadn’t so after that question, I did my research online (fell in love with the website and learned of the degree of Human Ecology) visited the college in-person and realized that continuing my interdisciplinary education (I was an IB high school student before this) would put me in a great spot once I graduated college. I liked that COA didn’t require you have a particular major once you are a junior, you could choose your own commitments and priorities for your course of study and along the way figure out how everything in life is interconnected. Class and overall school size were also a big factor in choosing the school that I did, as I wanted to build long-lasting, strong relationships with professors and peers in and out of the classroom. Add that to the fact that the school is not only on an island, but is also next to a national park AND the ocean, and I was sold. 


Freshman Year 

Fall 2019 

Introductory Entomology 

College Seminar: Truth 

Music Fundamentals

Winter 2019 

Methods of Community Development

Nature, Humans and Philosophy

Politics and the Supreme Court

Spring 2020

Learning a Language on Your Own 

Dramatic Writing 

Human Ecology Core Course 


Sophomore Year

Fall 2020

International Wildlife Policy and Protected Areas

Scenes and Songs 

Sustainable Strategies 

Winter 2021

Introduction to the Legal Process 

Animals and Ethics 

Polar Ecology 

Spring 2021 

World Percussion 

Environmental Law 

Worlds Beyond the Human: Multispecies Justice 


Junior Year 

Fall 2021

Performance and Ecology: What can Theatre Do? 

Kinetic Sculpture 

Equity and Social Justice in Education 

Favorite class:

All of my favorites in the past two years: 


- Dramatic Writing (SP-20) 

- Scenes and Songs (FA-20) 

- World Percussion (SP-21) 



- Sustainable Strategies (FA-20)


Animals or the Environment

- Nature, Humans and Philosophy (WI-20)

- Animals and Ethics (WI-21)

- Environmental Law (SP-21)

- Worlds Beyond the Human: Multispecies Justice (SP-21) 

My approach to human ecology:

Art + empathy and expression + philosophy + environmental studies/ policy = Human Ecology 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Watching the sunset with friends, swimming in/sailing on  the ocean, bioluminescence, hiking, biking and foraging, singing and cheering on at Open Mic, playing in the Maine snow, knitting with Ms. Karen, Fireside Fridays and Spring Time Teatime. 

Passions & motivations:

The performing arts and environmental policy

Best meal on campus:

Wednesday brunch’s blueberry pancakes and bacon! (Please bring these back TAB!)  

COA might be the right college for you if...

You have multiple interests, want to combine different fields of study, or want to find yourself and what you’re passionate in (it usually doesn’t come overnight, but that’s perfectly okay!) 


- Sunny days and warm weather (in Maine, days like that are a blessing)

- Conversations about others’ interests and what human ecology means to them

- The glistening of the sun on the ocean

- Looking out at other islands on the horizon

- The spring flowers and foraging goodies

- Sitting in the Turrets Seaside Garden 

- The calming sound of the crash of the waves 

- Participating in endless opportunity in such a small place.