Getting here:



Marine Biology, Climate Justice, Writing Seminar, GIS, Polar Ecology and Exploration, Intro to Statistics and Research Design, to be continued…

Favorite class:

Marine Biology!!

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

The Happy Campers AKA the Traditional Skills group from the Outing Club. Attempting to be a reasonably slightly active member of CCS and [Earth]. Football. Swimming with my inflatable flamingo. Ice skating

Passions & motivations:

The Ocean, Fisheries, People, Animals, Food, Climate, PEACE!!

Adventures yet to come:

Sailing the world, Becoming a better trumpet player, Eating healthily, Sending more letters, Climbing a “real” mountain, Seeing more Sharks, Learning from people, Helping some people, Helping myself, Becoming myself

Best meal on campus:

Garlic bread, duh