Fall 2019

Politics of Isreal, Marine Biology, and Communicating Science

Winter 2020

The Horror Film Moster Course!

Spring 2020

Physics II, 4D Studio, Core

Winter 2021

Ceramics I, Creating Motion Picture as Art Form, Coding with Python

Spring 2021

The Arts and Acts of Collecting, Documentary Studio Video, Audio Production and Engineering

Fall 2021

Kinetic Sculpture, Adolescent Psychology, Independent Study in Sound Design

Winter 2022

Ceramics II, This Band Could Be Your Life, Printmaking

Spring 2022

Independent Study in Ceramics, Musicianship, History of Filmmaking I

Fall 2022

Samba Percussion Ensemble, Math and Physics of Sustainable Energy, Making Art

Winter 2023

Futurity Monster Course

Favorite class:

The Horror Film course! 

My approach to human ecology:

fuck it


Artemis Gallery, NEH

Passions & motivations:

I found my passion for animal rights 5 years ago, and have been practicing veganism since then. Though veganism is primarily about animal rights it has helped me be more conscientious about the way I’m living. It has encouraged me to be more open minded and active in my pursuit of low waste living (hopefully zero waste one day).